Starry Night Painting
Swirls With Movement and Light!

Why is the Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh in such high demand? The night sky has always held a fascination for people. It has always been, and still is, filled with unexplained mysteries. These "unknowns", rather than bringing fear to us tiny humans, fill us with hope and longing.

Starry Night Tie

Starry Night Tie
starry night tie

The night painting shows us a vision of luminescence. A glowing crescent moon and stars. A brightly lit village with a beckoning church spire. Roundly rolling, striped hills and the large, dark, billowy cypress or mountain form, looms in the foreground, yet it gives us a friendly wave, despite its darkness and size.

Starry Night
starry night

In "Starry Night Over the Rhone", the stars are also surrounded with their own orbs of light. They pulse with energy. This painting shows city lights reflected in the water, a new method for painting at this time. The illumination and reflection causes one's eyes to move all around the work. The couple in the foreground, strolling along the river, make the painting feel homey.

Starry Night Rhone
starry night rhone

"Cafe Terrace at Night" shows a beautiful juxtaposition of dark and light. The bright yellow view into the outdoor cafe under a glowing awning, against the midnight blue night sky and background buildings, illuminate this spectacularly. The particular blue/purple Van Gogh chooses to contrast with such vivid yellows, are perfect compliments (opposites). The colors alone create life and vibrancy.

Starry Night Cafe
starry night cafe

All the paintings are done with surging, sweeping brushstrokes and thick impasto paint. The spirals are characteristic of the St. Remy painting period. They depict turbulence and symmetries, a determined chaos, a model of energy eddies. The "White House at Twilight" has a large star, with an equally grand halo. Astronomers believe this to be Venus, which was very bright in the 1890's sky.

Starry Night Cypress Swirl
starry night cypress swirl

In the "Starry Night" painting, the swirling, flowing, glowing forms unite all parts. The village and church steeple, clouds, stars, planets, moon, mountains and cypress are unified. Everything is lit from within and without. The movement is fast and furious. The strokes sweeping and curling. Yet it moves us into a place of peace.

Starry Night 2
starry night 2

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